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Cannabis Investments At Sea Cruise

The Global Cannabis Market could be poised to explode.

All eyes are on the US market.

If the US were to legislate marijuana at a national level, it is anticipated that the market would see many new growers pop-up and companies with big resources would get involved. Marijuana is becoming legal in more and more states. It officially became legal in Canada last fall. Experts believe, however, that there are also opportunities in other parts of the world. 

The Cannabis Investment Cruise has been created to give you the knowledge and information you need for wise investing. Some of the best speakers and experts on the subject will be on-board. Get in on the ground floor in this potentially profitable industry!

Join us for the Cannabis investment Cruise. Knowledge is power; power is investment!

Ports of Call
New York City 11/02/2019 Depart 4pm
At Sea 11/03/2019
At Sea 11/04/2019
Bermuda 11/05/2019 Arrive 8am
Bermuda 11/06/2019
Bermuda 11/07/2019 Depart 3pm
At Sea 11/08/2019
New York City 11/09/2019 Arrive 8am
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